Best 5 Car Insurance Companies In 2017

Cars are special assets that require extra attention just
like any other asset. This can only be enhanced by choosing the right
insurance company. There are many insurance companies that one can choose from. it’s advisable to look for an insurance company that offers outstanding features. Besides
the policies of various insurance companies you also consider the
unique services they offer. Insurance companies have become very
competitive because of their necessity. Basing on the considerations above when looking for an insurance company, it is good to compare several of them so arrive at an informed decision. It is for these reasons we have narrowed down to the best five top rated car insurance companies

Allstate Insurance
it offers high and quality insurance policies and gives opportunities for discounts. When it comes to the user experience it is the best because mortar and brick agents and offices are all over the country. This creates a high level of service delivery and a sense of availability. It is user-friendly
and technology wise, they have a website which is easily accessible to
their customers thus they are able to asses the information at their own
time. Although they don’t bundle their policies, Allsates
Insurance Company creates their status and those who really value their
vehicles are willing to pay deeply for the best services offered by
this company.

Best suited for military members of the united states, their families and friends. It
has an overall customer satisfaction and top ratings. It also has
exemplary services to its customers. USAA policies are diverse providing
a vast option to meet customers satisfactions. Although it is only
limited to the military and associates, its customers enjoy fast final
settlements in case of an accident.

Liberty mutual Insurance
for more than a century they have been offering to service to their customers as well as additional benefits such as; Better car replacement whereby you are compensated with a car that is one model year newer than your previous car. Another benefit is the new care replacement. Now, in case your car was less than a year old, you are compensated with the cost of a new car. The
most interesting part of their goodies is that your insurance rates
will not go high in case you are involved in the first accident what
they term as accident forgiveness.

State Farm
Deals mostly
with individuals other than online customer handling by providing a
solution to the problem created by online-only companies. It is well established across the country with offices all over that give individualized attention. It also offers discounts and more so it has a great mobile app making more it user-friendly.

it is widely known because of the advertisements. They have a range of services like online services, snapshot program which rewards good driving behavior and an opportunity for discount. It has invested on online presence to accommodate multi-customer needs. Depending on tastes and preferences, one can opt for the best out of the above five policy providers